You get to wear’em in honor of kids who HAVE to….

Wear Your PJ’s to Work and School
Each year in the U.S. there are an estimated 15,780 children between the ages of birth and 19 years of age who are diagnosed with cancer. Of those children diagnosed, 60 of them are here in Central New York.

Thank you to our 2017 Pajamarama Schools!

St. Rose of Lima School                           $516.00
Fairley Elementary School                      $700.00
Holy Family School                                 $600.00
Bellevue Elementary School                   $100.00
St. Patrick’s School                                  $250.00
Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary      $153.00
Ed Smith Elementary School                  $1,450.00
Little Lukes                                                $603.00
Allen Road Elementary                           $400.00
Palmer Elementary School                     $705.00
Elmcrest Elementary School                  $550.00

Have fun with this event while supporting local kids fighting cancer!

How To Host Your Pajamarama Event!

Step 1: Pajamarama day will take place on Friday, September 22, 2017 as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. If your school isn’t able to participate on the community-wide day or in the month of September, please let us know which day you have substituted.

Step 2: We suggest a donation of $1 per student for the honor of wearing PJ’s to school. If $1 per student is too much in your community, decide what would be appropriate . . . 50¢, 25¢? (Let Paige’s Pajamarama know what your students are asked to contribute.)

Step 3: Encourage teachers and staff to get involved wear their PJ’s too (Perhaps they would contribute at the $5 level).

Step 4: Collect money the week before Paige’s Pajamarama.

Step 5: Consider raising more money that day by hosting a bake sale or selling paper butterflies to display. (We’ll supply you with these). Middle Schools and High Schools can hold a Pajama Party dance (sock hop?) with proceeds to benefit Paige’s Pajamarama.

Step 6: Download our posters or make your own to encourage participation and remind students and staff to wear their PJ’s on Paige’s Pajamarama Day.

Step 7: Take a picture of your Pajamaramers and send with your donation! We’ll post them on our social media sites.

Consider adding easy fundraising extras:

  • Raffle a week’s use of the best parking spot in the lot.
  • Make and raffle a Bedtime Basket: candles, sleep masks, lullaby or relaxing sounds CDs; or a Pajama Party Basket: popcorn, candy, DVDs.
  • Incite friendly rivalry between floors or departments.

If your company isn’t able to participate on the community-wide day, let us know which day you have substituted. We suggest you choose a Friday between the posted Paige’s Pajamarama Day and Paige’s Butterfly Run day, June 2, 2018. Take a picture of your Pajamaramers and send with your donation! We’ll post them on our website and at Paige’s Butterfly Run.

For additional information on Pajamarama contact Mary Kate Intaglietta, Executive Director at [email protected]

Fairly Elementary School: Pajamarama 2014

Barnes & Noble Pajamarama

Palmer Elementary School 2018 Pajamarama