Hello my name is Mary Katherine. I was born with stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer and though my treatment left me with a learning disability and PTSD, I am still a healthy teenager able to do almost everything my friends do. I go to Bishop Ludden and live with my mom and dad and have five sisters. I thank God everyday for letting me live because
I love my family, friends and ETC . . . I was a miracle child and I am proud of it.

I want to be an inspiration to kids who are sick because I know myself, cancer is a very hard thing to go through for you and families, but we can get through it together. Having cancer does not mean you are not intelligent, or anything like that, you are a perfect person for your age and always will be. I know I had spent hours and hours in hospitals, surgery and had a renal spleen shunt and I don’t remember many things but
I do remember some things.

I have been cancer free for many years now and hope to be always. I look forward to my future in becoming a counselor and I hope in my future I can help kids and inspire kids with this horrible disease to keep on moving, it will get better! I know that people had prayed for me (even people I didn’t know) and with God?s help and the help of others
I fortunately survived this horrible disease. I believe people who keep their faith will
get answers.

Today, I love music, going to the gym, hanging out with family and friends and helping people. Thanks to University Hospital, Crouse Hospital, and family and friends I survived
a tough battle and hope for everyone who is battling this hard thing that you have hope and faith; it always works, good luck to all!

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