Aiden Erwin


2013 was a life changing year for the family of Aiden Erwin. The first few months went as normal, we celebrating Aiden’s fourth birthday towards the end of February. Then we noticed that he was feeling under the weather. Fevers, ear infections, and then he had no balance in which he started walking into objects that he had no problem getting around before. After many Doctor visits our pediatrician sent us over to Upstate to get an MRI on Aiden’s head. On the night of March 21st the results came back that Aiden had a lemon sized tumor in his head. Nothing could have prepared us for that moment. All we knew was we had to be strong and get him through this very hard time.

In one year, Aiden went though brain surgery, a couple rounds of chemo, mini transplants and a ton of tests. Nothing was really helping to shrink the tumor until our amazing brain surgeon recommended a new procedure called laser ablation. I am happy to report that the tumor is indeed shrinking. Aiden has come a long way and is not completely cancer free but, with any luck, hopefully will be. At the moment, Aiden is living a normal life of a five year old playing and getting ready to start kindergarten this fall. We are very thankful to all the Doctors, nurses and wonderful people who have helped get us to where we are today. We are cherishing every moment and hoping very soon that little Aiden Erwin will be cancer free.

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