Connor was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor (Kidney Cancer) at 4 1/2 years old, Since that time we still continue our fight EVERYDAY, Things are easier, things get better….but Childhood Cancer always remains and the affects it brought with it remain as well.

Connor continues to fight the battle of the long term side effects daily, his stomach issues seem to be continuously worse which bring additional testing and medicines, as well as his short term memory, causing school to be a continuous struggle and effort for him.

Cancer has become more a part of Connor’s life, remembering and talking about it more often than not. His curiously about this disease leaves him with many questions, but I BELIEVE this only makes Connor fight to remain stronger every day.

Connor continues to go to Upstate Medical/Golisano Children’s Hospital every 3 months for check-ups and scans, In May Connor will have his 3 years Off Treatment scan day, if it continues to show NO EVIDENCE of DISEASE, he will move up to every 6 months, A huge feat and day that I have anxiously awaited!

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