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Grant Award Announcement

We are grateful to announce that we are the recipients of a grant from the William and Mary L. Thorpe Charitable Fund at the Central New York Community Foundation to support our mission through funding our strategic and capacity building project. During the next few months, we will be led through a capacity building assessment and strategic planning process. This will result in an assessment of our capacity and a strategic plan that will aim to increase our ability to fulfill our mission. Our capacity assessment will include the use of the well respected Dr. Susan Kenny Stevens: Nonprofit Lifecycles, which ensures an organization’s mission is adequately supported by management, governance, financial resources, and administrative systems.
We are so very thankful to the advisory council of the William and Mary L. Thorpe Fund for supporting our mission to help children and their families fighting cancer and it’s lasting effects. Born and raised in Central New York, both William and Mary went on to hold successful careers here. We are humbled, through this project, to be a part of their legacy of supporting their community. You may learn more about the Thorpe Family at: cnycf.org/the-thorpes.