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Eliza Juma

My name is Eliza Juma. I am 13 years old. I was born in the Congo. Coming to America when I was 5 was a different life for me. When I started going to school, it was hard because everyone was a stranger and I had no friends or anything. School was hard because I did not know anything they were saying to me, but it was okay because my first friend was someone who came from the same country, so she helped me with the language. I like to play soccer, get my nails done, and go ice skating. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. In school I love math, but it is the hardest. I also like science because I like to learn about cool things and I like all the cool experiments we do with chemicals. I want to be a doctor or a teacher.

“I am thankful for Paige’s and Peds Pals and what they do for me.”

Having sickle cell disease means I have to take medicine every day, keep warm, and drink lots of water. I get sick more than other people do and I go to the doctors every month to see if I am okay. I have 2 Peds Pals and we do fun things. They help me with homework when I see them or we go to Wonder Works and do all the fun things. We also went to Sky Zone. My Peds Pals make me feel like they are there for me when I need them. We never let each other down and we are good friends. Kristi is my favorite. She gave me a scarf when I was cold and gives me hugs when I see her. I am thankful for Paige’s and Peds Pals and what they do for me.

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