When our Princess Hally was 7 years old she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. She was always a happy; healthy, beautiful little girl, singing, writing, and playing dress up! She has always been the perfect combination of smart and determined mixed with sweet and shy.

After starting 2nd grade in a new school, Hally began having stomach aches. On the 3rd trip to the pediatrician an ultrasound and x-ray technician saw something wrong. We were immediately sent to The Center for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders at University Hospital. My head was spinning; my daughter did not belong there!!! After being seen, an oncologist and pediatric surgeon planned surgery in just 3 days for a biopsy and port placement.

The biopsy confirmed the tumor was indeed cancer; a Wilm’s tumor. My husband and I were shocked, devastated, horrified and every other emotion you can possibly imagine. Hally immediately started receiving chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, while surgery was planned to remove the tumor her right kidney.

During trips to the hospital, Hally took chemotherapy like a champ. Her father and I were amazed at how bravely and gracefully our little girl was handling all of these new challenges. After weeks of chemo, a CT scan showed the tumor had grown bigger instead of smaller as we had hoped. This made her surgery quite a bit harder but was still doable.

The surgery to remove the tumor and kidney was successful and Hally went home 3 days later! She fought harder than most adults could to get home! Her father and I have now found a new hero in her.

Hally is now undergoing a pretty aggressive schedule of treatment. We are awaiting the day our little princess cancer free.

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